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New Shooter Seminar / Intro to Firearms Basics Dates Available: Saturday, May 6, 2023 8am - 1pm Class will cover: What to Expect on the Range, What You need on the Range, Range Etiquette, Proper Dress and Attire for the range, Gun Safety, Responsible Gun Owner Ship, Types of Firearms and their parts, Magazines, Ammunitions, Sights, Malfunctions, Stance, Dominant Eye & Grip, Types of Holsters and Holstering, Gun Storage & Cleaning. 4 hours approx. 4 hours class room 30 minutes of range time. Classes may run over depending on class participation so plan accordingly. Where: Pitcairn Monroeville Sportmen’s Club COMBO BUILDING - GO THRU THE GATE TO YOUR RIGHT 505 Mosside Blvd. North Versailles, PA 15137 What to Bring: Your gun and ammo (Handguns only) If you do not have a handgun, one will be provided for you .22 Caliber. Please bring one box of 22LR Ammo if you do not have gun. You will need Eye and Ear Protection!! Guns will be left in the car until the Indoor range is open. No live Ammo permitted in class room. Proper Dress required: No open toed shoes, V Necks or sleeveless shirts. Cost: $100.00 for members $125.00 for non members Who: Any New Shooter (Male or Female) Age 14-18 must be accompanied by parent. Classes are limited to 15 must be paid in advance No Refunds as class size is limited To sign up go to PMSC website the wild apricot store For more info contact Shelly Mashione at, Dan Maybury at Frank Franci at
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