Authorized and pre-approved organizations only!  If you would like to use our facilities on an individual basis, you must become a member of PMSC.

* ALL Trainers must have have a current Certificate of Insurance, with PMSC named as the "Certificate Holder" on file before Trainer will be approved!

* The Indoor Range is NOT available for rental.

* Use of the Ranges for Training purposes is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made in accordance of PMSC rules.

* Rates are as follows: $150 - 1 Day class,  $300 - 2 Day classes, $600 - 3 Day classes

* ALL attendees must sign a PMSC waiver and they MUST be turned in with payment in full. 

* No Full auto fire on the Ranges unless prior approval by the PMSC Board.

*  Remove, and dispose of all targets materials.  If using cardboard targets, please dispose of them in the dumpster located by the Combo Building.  Please pick up all brass, If not wanted please place in the barrels.  Dispose of all other trash items.

* By using PMSC facilities you agree to the PMSC Club Policies and Rules provided to you and set forth in this document.

To Register for One of PMSC Classes click on the link:

Approved Trainers at PMSC:

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