Trainer Requirements

Effective immediately all training classes/bay reservations at PMSC are to be scheduled thru Shelly Mashione at or as an alternate, Dan Maybury at . Please take note PMSC is an all-volunteer club. We try to be available when needed, but still have our work and personal schedules to work around.  Please note the following requirements:

  • Authorized and pre-approved organizations only!  If you would like to use our facilities on an individual basis, you must become a member of PMSC.
  • Use of the Ranges for Training purposes is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made in accordance of PMSC rules.
  • Any Certified Trainer wishing to train at PMSC MUST come before the PMSC Board Directors  at a Directors meeting prior to training at PMSC with a copy of their current certifications and current insurance.
  • * ALL Trainers must have have a current and annually updated Certificate of Insurance, with PMSC named as the "Certificate Holder" on file before Trainer will be approved to Train at PMSC.
  • The Indoor Range is NOT available for rental.
  • Thirty-day notice is required to reserve the facilities, this includes the bays and training center. 
  • A current Certificate of Insurance with PMSC named as the "Certificate Holder" must be on file before conducting training. It is your responsibility to ensure PMSC has your current certificate on file.
  • Rental rates are per attendee, per day and a roster with waivers are required: Outside bays $25.00, Training Center $5.00, Indoor Archery range $5.00. Social Hall Rental rental must be scheduled thru the Social Hall Coordinator. 
  • Three days notice of cancellation is required to avoid a fee.
  • Submit a class roster with payment.  A roster includes the organization conducting the training, date(s), all attendees, and instructors.
  • Attendees must sign a PMSC waiver which must be submitted with the class roster and payment. The waiver is required for each class regardless if a prior waiver was signed.  Submission of the waivers alone does not constitute a roster.
  • Full auto fire is prohibited without prior approval by the PMSC Board. No exceptions.
  • Clean up after yourself.  Remove and dispose of all target materials, including anything you brought with you and shot at and destroyed or broke.  If using cardboard targets, please dispose of them in one of the dumpsters located on the premises.  A fee of $150.00 will be charged for any range that requires a clean-up.  Please pick up all brass.  If the brass is not wanted, please place in the proper barrels. Dispose of all other trash items.
  • Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in the suspension or revocation of your training privileges.
  • Use of PMSC facilities constitutes agreement with the PMSC Club Policies and Rules provided to you previously and as set forth herein.

If you have questions, please call Shelly Mashione (412) 824-3490 x 706 or Dan Maybury (412) 824-3490 x 704. We look forward to continuing to offer our members access to great training opportunities.

To Register for One of PMSC Classes click on the link:

Approved Trainers at PMSC:

Here are some training providers some of our members found helpful.  PMSC makes no representations as to their quality or efficacy.  Do your own due diligence in vetting potential trainers.  You are responsible for ensuring the training provider meets your needs. 

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